Why connect SyncTools to Zoho Books


Sync transaction data from your linnworks account to your Zoho Books account every 3 minutes automatically.

Bifurcate the sales data by each sales channel. In simple words, you know exactly how much sales, revenue, the net profit you made for amazon Uk vs amazon EU vs your own site. That helps you understand the ROI for each channel. It depends on the tracking categories of your Zoho Books account.

Sync orders only from channels which you need in Zoho Books. You can stop orders from certain channels to go in Zoho Books using source and subsource wise filters.

For the businesses with over 6000 orders per month, all the transactions for the day can be grouped under one invoice with the name of that source. Same group option is available for weekly or monthly basis too. You can create the grouping based on subsource, and country wise too or multiple layered options are also available: source & subsource grouping, source & country grouping, Source - subsource & country grouping.

What SyncTools Does


SyncTools takes sales orders from linnworks either open or processed and creates invoices accordingly with the payment status, paid orders as paid invoice and unpaid orders as Draft/Awaited payment/awaited approval according to configuration.

Purchase orders/ bills

SyncTools takes delivered purchase orders from linnworks and creates purchase orders or bills according to configuration. Line items for purchase orders/ bills will be ‘description only’. SyncTools does not sync Item code/ SKU.

Grouped (Summarised) invoices

If you sell a lot of small ticket items, SyncTools can bulk the sales into marketplaces/ sources for each day rather than deal with each sale. It can be based on sub sources or counties and either of combinations too.

Why SyncTools is important?

Zoho Books is online accounting software that lets you run your business easily and efficiently.

See your up-to-date cash position

Know how you’re doing financially with secure daily updates from your bank accounts and a clear visual dashboard.

Get paid faster and improve cash flow

Easily create and send invoices with online payments and automated invoice reminders for faster payment.

Run your business from anywhere

Access your business finances anytime, from any internet-connected device, and use the Zoho Books app for ios and android.

Connect and collaborate anytime

Invite your team and your advisors to work with you in real time from home, office, or on the go using the mobile app.


Data flow diagram

Sales orders Zoho Books invoices
Order no. Invoice no. / reference no.
Reference no. Invoice no. / reference no.
Shipping/ billing address Contact info
Customer information Contact info
Line items Line items
Unit price Unit price
Tax rate Tax rate
Shipping total Lineitem - shipping as service
Total amount [Subtotal + Total VAT] = total amount
Order payment status paid Invoice payment status paid
Order payment status unpaid Invoice payment status - [draft/ awaiting payment/ awaiting approval]
SKU codes of products Item codes (* If needed)
Source - subsource Zoho Books tracking category

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Really good service

Tom brookes

None this morning, so that appears promising. Thanks so much for all the hars work, i really do value and appreciate it.

Really good service

Heather cook

Fantastic news to hear you've worked out the issue, thank you to both yourself and your team for this resolution!

Really good service

Connie sturman

I just looked in the connector and it looks like they were able to get the purchase orders synced...thank the team for us. Thank you for your help

Really good service

Tom brookes

Thanks for your response. May i just take a moment to recognise how helpful you have been since we startes using SyncTools. Previously we used ebusinessGuru, which frankly, was far inferior and their support was poor. So keep up the good work!

Really good service

Tom brookes

Best in class: If you, like us, use both linnworks and ZohoBooks you'll likely find there aren't too many options to connect the two. Thankfully, there is SyncTools, which is a phenomenal tool, and far superior than the alternative that you may see in the app store. We sync our orders, refunds and purchase orders directly to Zoho Books using this tool. It is executed well because there is a great understanding of both linnworks and Zoho Books from their team. The support is incredible. So far, we have had some custom integration, and on the rare occasion there has been an issue with syncing, the team are promptly on hand and always find or develop a solution. Please keep up the phenomenal work and keep this app supported.

Really good service

Deborah whitfield

Really good service: I have recently installed SyncTools and it is easy to use. Ran in to a bump when an update had knocked my connection. I contacted support of SyncTools and they worked quickly and kept me informed regularly and got me nicely connected. Now everything is running smoothly.

Really good service

Barbara nichols

Swift response: Good communication.

Really good service

Harvey uppal

AWESOME: Excellent tool and has saved us so much time. Credit to the support team for being so helpful in setup and post-setup.

Really good service

Sang nguyen

Great support: Need to customise syncing refund, took few weeks to implement then finally it works well now.

Really good service

John miller

Great product and even better customer service: The product works, and the customer service and dedicated care means that the product works exactly as described even if you are not sure on certain items.

Really good service

Jo turley

Great support: Had a problem with invoices not feeding, booked a call within 24 hours and the problem was fixed the same day. Very fast support, thank you

Really good service

Gisela rivas

Great support: The tool is great and the support even more. Thanks

Great Connector, Great Support

JonPaul fahy

Great connector, Great support: Easy to use, excellent experience.

Great Connector, Great Support

Joanna hawkins

Great support: All queries we have had have been answered in a reasonable time frame and have always been helpful

Great Connector, Great Support

Nirav khiroya

Fantastic support: When dealing with APis there will always be the odd issue here and there. What I look out for is the service that is provided to resolve those issues. The guys at SyncTools have always been diligent and pro active about fixing any bugs that arise. would highly recommend them.

Great Connector, Great Support


SyncTools consistently makes me feel like an all-powerful digital wizard.

Great Connector, Great Support

Alastair kerr

1st Class software AND support: We had a complex process and challenging problem. Simply outstanding support to help sort our challenging LW workflow. The team at SyncTools helped us get started and then listened to our challenges and really engaged in helping us find a solution that fit our needs. Simply put - I'm hard to please - and these guys are just very highly recommended.

Great Connector, Great Support

Heather cook

Best Zoho Books connector on the market: Excellent customer support and continuous development from an app that does exactly what it says on the tin without any hassle. Highly recommended ZohoB ooks connector, the competition doesn't even come close.

Great Connector, Great Support

John fisher

Very good: app and customer service! Fully recommend!

Great Connector, Great Support

Robert morris

Reliable: Have been using the linnworks Zoho Books connector for a couple of years now. It is very reliable and the developers are keen to improve it.

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Geoff ainsworth

Excellent tool: Does what it says and connects seamlessly & if you have any issues the support is amazing!


Haider ali

Excellent APP: Very easy to work with. Very knowledgable and understanding and open to any requests as well!