SyncTools + Xero: Save tons of time

Do you spend a lot of time creating Invoices and Purchase orders in Xero using exported spreadsheets out of Linnworks? Do you face duplications? Sometimes you lose your hand on some invoices? No more of such problems! SyncTools will take all the orders from Linnworks and will create invoices and Purchase orders automatically.

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Why connect SyncTools to Xero

Sync transaction data from your Linnworks account to your Xero account every 3 minutes automatically.
Bifurcate the sales data by each sales channel. In simple words, you know exactly how much sales, revenue, the net profit you made for amazon Uk vs amazon EU vs your own site. That helps you understand the ROI for each channel. It depends on the tracking categories of your Xero account.
Sync orders only from channels which you need in Xero. You can stop orders from certain channels to go in Xero using Source and Subsource wise filters.
For the businesses with over 6000 orders per month, all the transactions for the day can be grouped under one invoice with the name of that source. Same group option is available for weekly or monthly basis too. You can create the grouping based on subsource, and country wise too or multiple layered options are also available: source & subsource grouping, source & country grouping, Source - subsource & country grouping.

What SyncTools does


SyncTools takes Sales orders from Linnworks Either open or processed and creates Invoices accordingly with the payment status, paid orders as paid invoice and unpaid orders as Draft/Awaited payment/Awaited approval according to configuration.

Purchase orders/ Bills

SyncTools takes Delivered Purchase orders from Linnworks and creates Purchase orders or Bills according to configuration. Line items for Purchase orders/ Bills will be ‘description only’. SyncTools does not sync Item code/ SKU.

Grouped (Summarised) invoices

If you sell a lot of small ticket items, SyncTools can bulk the sales into marketplaces/ sources for each day rather than deal with each sale. It can be based on sub sources or counties and either of combinations too.

What Xero Does

Xero is online accounting software that lets you run your business easily and efficiently.

See your up-to-date cash position

Know how you’re doing financially with secure daily updates from your bank accounts and a clear visual dashboard.

Get paid faster and improve cash flow

Easily create and send invoices with online payments and automated invoice reminders for faster payment.

Run your business from anywhere

Access your business finances anytime, from any internet-connected device, and use the Xero app for iOS and Android.

Connect and collaborate anytime

Invite your team and your advisors to work with you in real time from home, office, or on the go using the mobile app.

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Data flow diagram

Sales orders Xero invoices
Order no. Invoice no. / reference no.
Reference no. Invoice no. / reference no.
Shipping/ Billing address Contact info
Customer information Contact info
Line items Line items
Unit price Unit price
Tax rate Tax rate
Shipping total Lineitem - Shipping as service
Total amount [Subtotal + Total VAT] = Total amount
Order payment status paid Invoice payment status paid
Order payment status unpaid Invoice payment status - [Draft/ Awaiting payment/ Awaiting approval]
SKU codes of products Item codes (* If needed)
Source - Subsource Xero tracking category

Connect SyncTools to Xero in 3 Steps

Step 1 - Signup SyncTools

Direct Sign up from the website is not available. So the user must install it from the Linnworks app store.
Linnworks > Apps > App store > Xero connector

Please refer to this User Manual for detailed instructions

Click on Settings > Connections

Click on the Xero icon and connect your Xero account

Please use this Configuration Manual or User Manual

What customers say

  • client-img

    Finally a reliable accounting solution for Linnworks!!! The best part is it allows me to customize the behaviour of automation. Thank You So Much!!!

    Chester williams
    Satisfied Customer, UK
  • client-img

    "Fantastic, this has saved us so much time. This has clearly been engineered by someone who knows the challenges of getting transactions from View more... Linnworks to Xero in a format that is useful for approval and reconcile. It sits in the background, as orders are processed in Linnworks it creates an invoice in Xero with the option to create a payment to the correct bank account for the marketplace. When a PO is marked as dispatched this also creates a PO in Xero with the PO notes. Support is fantastic" View less..

    Matt silvester
    Esda ltd, UK
  • client-img

    I was spending countless hours on exporting, emailing and verifying orders data. I can finally spend time on expanding my reach!!!

    Kim cunningham
    Satisfied Customer, UK
  • client-img

    Excellent link between the Xero and Linnworks. The support and service has been outstanding. Definitely recommend it.

    Claire Mackley
    UK Brand sales, UK