SyncTools + QuickBooks: Save tons of time

Do you spend a lot of time creating Invoices and Purchase orders in QuickBooks using exported spreadsheets out of Linnworks? Do you face duplications? Sometimes you lose your hand on some invoices? No more of such problems! SyncTools will take all the orders from Linnworks and will create invoices and Purchase orders automatically.

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Why connect SyncTools to QuickBooks

Sync transaction data from your Linnworks account to your QuickBooks online account every 3 minutes automatically.
Bifurcate the sales data by each sales channel. In simple words, you know exactly how much sales, revenue, the net profit you made for amazon vs eBay vs your own site. That helps you understand the ROI for each channel. It depends on the QuickBooks classes of your QuickBooks account. Also it let’s you decide in which account, payments from every individual sales channel should be mapped, helping you handle holding accounts and being top on sales channel commissions.
Sync orders only from channels which you need in QuickBooks online. You can stop orders from certain channels to go in QuickBooks online using Source and Subsource wise filters.
You can select if you want every product of the invoices as a non-stock item or otherwise.

What SyncTools does


SyncTools takes processed Sales orders from Linnworks and creates Invoices accordingly with the payment status, paid orders as paid invoice and unpaid orders as unpaid invoice.

Purchase orders/ Bills

SyncTools takes Delivered Purchase orders from Linnworks and creates Purchase orders or Bills according to configuration.

Items (Products)

SyncTools will sync the product too in the invoices which exist in the sales order, if the product does not exist in QuickBooks then SyncTools creates it. You can select whether it should be as stock or non-stock.

Why SyncTools is important?

  • Real time accounting enabled
  • No more spreadsheet export/import
  • Streamlined Accounting process
  • No dependencies
  • No duplication
  • No errors

What customers say

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    Finally a reliable accounting solution for Linnworks!!! The best part is it allows me to customize the behaviour of automation. Thank You So Much!!!

    Chester williams
    Satisfied Customer, UK
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    Their system keeps my books updated overnight. Support is also prompt. No reason not to recommend!

    Nigel Tice
    User since 2020, UK
  • client-img

    I was spending countless hours on exporting, emailing and verifying orders data. I can finally spend time on expanding my reach!!!

    Kim cunningham
    Satisfied Customer, UK
  • client-img

    Amazing service and always ready to help. Can not ask for better. SyncTools saves me a lot of time.

    Michelle Dunnett
    User since 2019, USA