Synchronize your Linnworks Data effortlessly to your accounting software

Filter Unwanted Orders

Filter Unwanted Orders

Sync orders only from channels which you need in Xero. You can stop
orders from certain channels to go in Xero using Source and
Subsource wise filters.

Individual/Grouped Invoices

For the businesses with over 6000 orders per month, all the transactions for the day can be grouped under one invoice with the name of that source. Same group option is available for weekly or monthly basis too. You can create the grouping based on subsource, and country wise too or multiple layered options are also available: source & subsource grouping, source & country grouping, Source - subsource & country grouping.

Tracking Category or
Location Mapping

Bifurcate the sales data by each sales channel. In simple words, you know exactly how much sales, revenue, the net profit you made for amazon Uk vs amazon EU vs your own site. That helps you understand the ROI for each channel. It depends on the tracking categories of your Xero account.

Built-In Reporting

If ever any problem or error occurs in transfer then the account owner will get a message via Email.

Real-Time Sync

Sync transaction data from your Linnworks account to your accounting software every 3 minutes automatically/manually.

Advanced Tax-Setting Rules

Schedule your taxes for UK & different markets easily with tax-setting rules based on Country & Region Wise, Source/Subsource & Linnworks Tax Rate.

Multiple accounting software connection

Connect multiple business entities with your Linnworks and manage the accounting separately for these entities.


Analyze your synchronization with User-friendly dashboard and keep a track on the orders sync to your accounting software.

Synchronize your Linnworks Data effortlessly to your accounting software

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